The UK Gambling Commission Imposes a £2.2m Penalty on Paddy Power Betfair

The Gambling Commission announced today (16 Oct 2018) that a penalty of £2.2m was imposed on Paddy Power Betfair (PPB), a UK betting operator. The penalty was imposed following an investigation that revealed that the operator failed to meet the commission's rules regarding social responsibility and anti money laundering.

The commission investigation found that in 5 cases, PPB neglected to take measures to help customers who displayed obvious signs of problem gambling and neglected to perform anti laundry checks of significant amounts of money used for gambling in their operations.

The Gambling Comission executive director, Richard Watson, called this situation, where stolen money flowed through PPB exchange "Unacceptable" and emphasized the operators responsibility to prevent the use of crime proceeds in gambling.

To read more go to the Gambling Commission official statement.