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Gambling has always been a prominent fixture in British society. From the early days when punters would go underground to bet on illegal cock fighting or bare knuckle boxing to the more modern era when betting and gambling is regulated by the 2005 Gambling Act.

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Casinos have really come to the fore in the last century in the United Kingdom. Ever since bingo was made popular by servicemen during the Second World War, gambling has proliferated in the British population more emphatically than almost any other trend. Gaming parlors have become a place for people to experience a thrill that other activities in life can’t give you. They offer a range of games that make things a little more interesting. What experience can match the intensity of a hand of poker being decided on the river? What other recreation can create a rush as strong as you feel when the roulette is spinning and you need the ball to land on red? Gambling is a special pastime like no other in the world, which is why it has become so popular.

In the United Kingdom there are a few live casinos which have become the front runners in the gambling genre. Gala, Les Croupiers and Grosvenor are some of the popular brands at the moment. However, they face some competition from a growing band of online, as well as offline, casino names. UK Betting firms such as William Hill, Ladbrokes and Bet Fair are branching out into the gaming world to offer a service that can rival that of the big guns.

What makes them think they have what it takes? The answer could be found in the British public's obsession with sport and sport betting. The majority of online firms have carved their name into the public’s mind through offering a sports betting service. From there they have evolved and now offer a more expansive service. This means that they have already captured the public awareness, so expanding the offering is logically the next step.

International gaming sites are also getting their piece of the UK action. Global gambling sites like 888, WilliamHill, Winstar Casino and many others are doing their best to attract UK customers and enjoy the benefits of this lucrative market. Some of the bigger companies are also traded at the London Stock Exchange.

Online gaming sites offer many advantages their live rivals cannot. The ease and convenience that online gambling offers can never be matched by live gambling. It is true that currently there is something the live halls offer that the online gaming sites do not. What the online casinos offer in convenience and ease, live halls make up for by tending to your every wish and offering some extra perks. You cannot order a free drink using the online services. You do not have the option to purchase top quality food using the online services. Gaming sites, however, have developed in recent years a VIP treatment to their favorable customers that no other establishment can offer. So obviously it won't take long before gambling sites catch up with the perks that live casinos now offer their visitors.

For the time being, online and offline halls can co-exist. They both offer something different and maybe even compliment each other’s services. However, as technology continues to develop and times change, how long will it be before gambling is only required on the internet? Is there a shelf life for the live halls? Britain will never lose its enthusiasm for gambling. It always has been and always will be a part of British society. That doesn’t mean it will not evolve though and even though the likes of Les Croupiers and Grosvenor are popular now, as the online offerings of William Hill, Bet365 and Ladbrokes et al continue to grow and progress, the future of British gambling might very well be destined for the cyber world.

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