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Slot machines are perhaps seen as the most popular games in land-based casinos and the movement into the online genre has only seen their popularity increase rapidly over the past few years.

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The first land-based slot can be tracked back to 1887 when it was developed by Charles Fey from San Francisco in the US. It held a very different form to the slots we see these days in land-based casinos and online. This machine allowed players to insert a nickel, pull a lever and try to match classic symbols such as hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes and bells on three reels. Nowadays, slots are far more interactive and diverse.

Land-based casinos the world over have their main casino floor rammed full of slots by developers such as IGT, WMS Gaming, Novomatic, Bally Technologies and Bell-Fruit Games that still possess the basic design by Fey of a lever and some reels where players must try to match the symbols. Developers have evolved land-based machines using video technology but the general design has remained relatively unmoved from its original concept. A number of these developers have, however, taken advantage of the online slots movement by releasing titles online.

Online Slots

The appeal of a slot machine is that players can get the thrill of a quick and easy win but also have the additional draw of potentially winning a massive progressive jackpot prize. This is an appeal that has made the transition to online slots. It was only in 2013 that a player from Finland achieved the largest ever online jackpot payout when he won €17,861,813 playing on the Net Entertainment title Mega Fortune.

More players than ever play online slot machines because of the wealth of choice available and the convenience of being able to play such a large range of titles at a number of online casinos at the click of a button.

On top of this, slots are being seen by many other areas of entertainment as a form of revenue. Huge brands including Marvel, DC Comics, Universal, UFC, WWE and Baywatch have all released titles and that is just scratching the surface.

Slots are now also becoming much more interactive. Gone are the days of one lever and three reels. Nowadays, players are subjected to a more interactive experience with 3D graphics, bonus features, free spins and skill-based features. The online domain has allowed slots to flourish online and the sky is now the limit for developers the world over.

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