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Online casinos have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the years as players have become attracted to the idea of playing casino games within the comfort of their own home.

Unfortunately, one criticism that has been aimed at online casino gaming is that online casinos do not hold the same atmosphere as their land-based cousins.

Players that play at online casinos have often commented that the buzz of the other players, the hustle and bustle of the tables and the tension in the air that is missing from online casinos puts playing online at a disadvantage to playing the tables at a land-based casino. There is also the sound of the slots paying out, players cursing their luck and other players celebrating their big wins that is not prominent in regular online play.

Online casinos have decided to combat these criticisms by offering online players an innovative feature called a live casino. This feature is available by the majority of online casinos in a tab on their home page where players can access a number of popular casino games including blackjack, roulette and baccarat, with a difference.

Live casino online gives players the chance to play these casino games but with the added bonus of having the real casino experience. Players are linked in via webcams so that they can not only see the action at the tables live but also interact with the dealer and fellow players to recreate that land-based casino atmosphere at home.

There are still individuals that criticise online casino play for its lack of intensity even with the new live online casino function but it does go one step closer to bringing the reality of the casino floor into the player's own home. For many, the banter at the tables is what makes the casino experience what it is and the live casino function certainly helps those people achieve the casino experience they want online.

There are questions that remain about how effective this live online casino function replicates the real casino experience. Some players will adamantly protest that there is nothing quite like the real thing but the mixture of the additional face-to-face interaction with the dealer and players plus the added anticipation of real-time play will make it as acceptably close to the real thing for the majority of online players.

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