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Roulette has long been a part of the casino floor and remains one of the most popular classic casino games as well as the oldest. It is a game of simplicity that attracts players old and new alike.

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As casino games entered a new dawn with the introduction of online play, roulette was one of the casino games that enjoyed some advantages and disadvantages to the switch online. On the plus side, players found that they could play quicker, did not have to wait for fellow players to place their bets and did not have to constantly sort through their own chips to work out how much they had left to bet. On the negative side, there was something that was lost in translation. It was not easily explained but online roulette appeared to be missing the same buzz and vibrancy that roulette in land-based casinos possessed.

In order to counteract this absence of atmosphere, online casinos decided that roulette was one of the casino games that needed a makeover. This makeover came in the form of live roulette online. Players could now enjoy a more realistic roulette experience online. This would be achieved by players linking up their webcam so that they could interact face-to-face with the dealer and other players at the online roulette table.

How Live Online Roulette works

Live online roulette works very much in the same way that land-based roulette does. There is the wheel and layout table. Players must place their bets on the layout before the live dealer calls for all bets to stop and sends the ball rolling around the spinning wheel. When the wheel stops, the winners are declared and players either celebrate a win or bemoan their loss.

Online live roulette goes one step closer to giving players that play roulette on the internet a more authentic casino experience. There is the opportunity to flirt and banter with the dealer. There is the chance to have some laughs with the fellow players, warn them about avoiding the unlucky number 13 or giving them a tip about a number that is hitting more often than others.

Live casino roulette does not offer players an exact replica of a land-based casino experience but it does take the best of both the online and land-based domains to offer an effective playing experience for roulette players. It has the convenience of online combined with the social aspect of the land-based casino and that is a perfect mix for many players.

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