Roulette Rules

The game of Roulette has intrigued and tempted many for centuries. No doubt if you are reading this, you are one of the millions who are keen to try their hand at roulette. Here is a summary of the basic rules and the best way in which to approach roulette.


Players bet on numbers, colors, or numbers/colors combinations, appearing on the table layout, in the hope that the ball, spinning in the Wheel will fall into the compartment included in their bet. The croupier, or Dealer, supervises the betting, spins the wheel and announces the winning bets. Players only play against the casino, not against each other.

What is the Roulette Wheel Layout?

The game is played on a 37 or 38 compartments wheel, depending on the game variation. European wheels tend to have 37 compartments made up of the numbers 1-36 plus with the number 0. American wheels have an extra 00 compartment to make it 38 in total. These numbers are marked evenly and alternately in red or black with the 0 and 00 compartments marked in green. The croupier spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in the other direction. He will then call time on bets before the ball leaves the back track of the wheel. The ball will then eventually stop spinning and land in one of the compartments.

What is the Roulette Table Layout?

Table layout consists of numbers and other betting alternatives. The numbers 1-36 are laid out in three columns of 12 numbers. The red numbers are shaded in red and the black numbers are shaded in black. At the top end there are two blocks. One for the number '0' in all tables and another one for the numberS '00' in American tables.

On the side of the table there are several more squares, representing additional betting alternatives, such as the first 12 numbers (1-12), the second 12 numbers (13-24) or the third 12 numbers (25-36). There are also squares where the player can bet on a red color or a black color, an even number or an odd number. Finally, there is the option to bet on the first 18 numbers (1-18) or the second 18 numbers (19-36).

There really is an ample choice and of course the player is not limited to one bet per spin. They can place as many bets as their chips will let them. The bets all act independently as well so the player does not require a combination of bets to win.

What are your Betting Alternatives?

The game is split into two styles of betting. Inside and Outside Betting. Inside is when the player bets on the numbers squares themselves, appearing on the inside of the table layout. Outside is when the player bets on the outer rim of the table layout squares, where additional alternatives are represented, such as the even and odd numbers.

An inside bet may cover an individual number (Straight Bets), two numbers (Split Bets), three numbers, or one row (street bet) four numbers (corner bets) or six numbers (six line bets)

An outside bet may cover: black numbers (Black), red numbers (Red), even numbers (Even), odd numbers (Odd), numbers 1-18 (Low), 19-36 (High), 1 column, or first second or third dozen (Dozen).

Outside betting is a lot simpler than the inside option but it shows how varied the game of roulette can be. It really is more than just a wheel, a ball and a table. It is definitely a game easy to learn and worth playing.

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