Roulette Terms

Here is a comprehensive list of the terms used for the game of roulette, arranged in an Alphabetical order, so that if you ever decide to hit the tables and want to know what is what, then you will be ready! Although the list is quite long, it is quite easy to learn and memorize.

American Variation - When there are 38 compartments on the wheel including 00. This gives the American casinos a higher advantage than the European

Black - These are the black shaded numbers on the roulette table.

Block Betting - A group of numbers you can bet on together as part of a strategy.

Bottom Track - The area on the inside of the wheel where the ball settles as the spin finishes.

Check Rack - The tray that holds the chips.

Cold Table - A table where the players are not winning much.

Column Bet - Is placed on one of the three columns that are available on the table.

Corner Bet - Is placed in the corner of a square to cover four numbers.

Croupier - The casino worker who is in control of the roulette wheel. Also known as a Dealer

Double Zero - This is the number 00 that is green on the American wheel.

Dozens Bet - Covers one of the three sets of 12 numbers on the wheel e.g. 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.

European Roulette - When the wheel has just 37 compartments.

Even Bet - Covers an even number on the wheel.

Green Numbers - These are the zero and the double zero.

High or Low - This is a bet placed on either the lower set of 18 numbers i.e. 1-18 or the higher set of 18 numbers i.e. 19-36.

House Advantage/Edge - This is the higher chances for winning that the casino enjoys over the player.

Inside Bet - Is placed on numbers within the layout.

Line Bet - Is placed on any of the possible six adjoining numbers.

Odd Bet - Is placed on an odd number on the wheel.

Outside Bet - The area on the roulette table that rests against the borders of the layout.

Red - Colour of the red shaded numbers on the wheel.

Run - A streak of similar results such as a stretch of red winning numbers or a series of black winning numbers etc.

Single number - A bet placed on a single number on the wheel.

Six-line Bet - Is placed on six numbers.

Slots - The sections on the wheel which contain each number.

Special Line Bet - Is placed on the first five numbers i.e. 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Split Bet - Is placed on any two adjoining numbers on the table.

Square or Quarter Bet - Is placed on a square of four numbers on the table.

Street Bet - Is placed on any three numbers that are situated in a line on the table.

Zero Bet- Is placed on the 0 number that is in a green colour.

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